JASON DEAN is a hitman with a penchant for fine literature, poetry and classical music. As he says himself, ‘I left school with f**k all. But I was built like a shit-house and I could quote 'Rime of the Ancient f**kin Mariner' word for f**kin word.’

Jason loves Shostakovich and he adores his little girl, Sophie. And he hates Wagner. Everything he stands for.

Mind you, with three jobs to do for Micky Archer and a heart that is breaking by the minute, Wagner is the least of his problems . . .

Some Reviews . . .

'This is one of the best stories I’ve ever read. There, I’ve said it. And I’m not taking it back.'
Keith Nixon - Books and Pals
For full review, click here

'Written in the first person with a voice more distinctive than Morgan Freeman, this sparkling novella stands head and shoulders above its contemporaries.' 
Graham Smith - Crime Squad
For full review, click here (scroll down a bit)

'a brilliant study on hopelessness delivered with great heart.'
Richard Godwin - author of Apostle Rising, and Mr Glamour
For full review, click here
'The short and bittersweet text is one of the best novellas I have read in recent months, littered with powerful scenes and sentiments that will grab you by the shoulders and shake you until your emotions fall out.'
Charlotte Barnes - Sabotage Reviews
For full review, click here

 '. . . at the end of One Day in the Life of Jason Dean, neither Jason nor the reader will ever be the same again'
Elizabeth A. White - Musings of an All Purpose Monkey
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'If you can take the style of language you will be moved beyond belief by the content'
Kath Middleton - Ignite Books
For full review, click here 

'I'm already a fan of Ian Ayris' work but Jason Dean is something special'
Darren Sant - Daz's Short Book Reviews
For full review, click  here

'This book’s beautiful.  It’s tragic and moving and it’s very special indeed'
Nigel Bird - author of Smoke, and Dirty Old Town 
For full review, click here

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