Below are a list of services I offer, along with their respective prices. Please click here to access the access my editing service website.


What I offer below is a writing relationship, one in which you submit your work to me and I assess it. As in all relationships of this nature, trust is a huge thing. You, after all, will be sending me, in some cases a complete stranger, the words you have carved from your very soul. You need to know I will treat them well. 

To this end I will be offering the first thousand words free of charge for the Manuscript Overview and the Full Edit. And for the mentoring, I will do the same with the first hour.

A note about pricing . . .
I believe the need to write, the need to translate what is inside of you into words, into words that not only mean something to you, but could mean something to somebody else, is something that should not be marginalised by the ability to pay vast somes of money. My writing journey has enriched my life beyond measure - not my bank account - my life. Writing has given me a whole world of people I now call friends, fellow writers, fellow travellers in what can be a bleak, unforgiving world - the world of seeking publication.

If I could offer these services for absolutely nothing, I absolutely would. But needs must, unfortunately. 

The mentoring service requires a little more input, so I have decided upon the rate of £15 per hour.

Full Edit
I will go through your work line by line looking at issues such as grammar, consistency, spelling, etc. providing specific comments and suggestions on the text itself.

Short Stories
I work at the rate of about a thousand words an hour, and will calculate the quote on that basis to a maximum of £50

Short Story Collections
I will happily edit short story collections, editing and costing each on indiviudal basis - as above

I charge a basic £750 per manuscript - whatever the length.

It is only if you are happy with the free thousand word edit we will discuss taking your work further.

I will take you through the writing of your work – whether it be a novel or a short story – and help you realise it to completion.

Typical completion time is, again, an hour for every thousand words of text – although this will vary from manuscript to manuscript, depending on work required.

If you are interested in any of the services I offer, please email me for a quote at:


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