3rd May, 1975. Eight year old John watches his beloved West Ham win the cup, whilst at the same time, Kenny tumbles out the front door of the house opposite, his face covered in blood.

The Hammers’ relegation three years later mirrors the breaking apart of the boys’ friendship, a friendship to be resumed after more than a decade, frontin up local gangster, Ronnie Swordfish.

John's got a lifetime of hurt to put right – for him and for Kenny. Two childhoods ripped apart in the broken streets of London’s East End.

But with John layin on the ground half unconscious and Ronnie with a sword to Kenny's head, whatever way you look at it, things ain't looking good.

Thing is, John don't know the half of it . . .

ABIDE WITH ME is the story of two boys forced to walk blind into the darkness of their shattered lives and their struggle to emerge as men.


'Ayris is a skilled writer. He can make you laugh one minute and fill you with tears the next.His rhythm with language and razor-sharp rants against the establishment reminds me of the early, angry, violently lyrical work of Steven Berkoff in his plays like East and Greek'
Mark Dark - Crime Factory
For full review, click here (p.190)

'an unforgettable first outing into the world of fiction.'
Graeme Howlett - ed. Knees Up Mother Brown (KUMB)
For full review, click here  

'I suspect nothing I say will do it justice, so I'll say, read it, now. And leave it at that.'
Josh Stallings - Author of Beautiful, Naked, and Dead
For full review, click here 

'I read it in just two sittings, and was thoroughly engaged throughout.'
Paul Hatt - Football Book Reviews
For full review, click here 

'an astonishing depiction of a harsh life and social dysfunction in the London East End' 
Professor Brian Stoddart - Former Vice-Chancellor and President at La Trobe University, Australia
For full review, click here

'Horribly compulsive' and 'a step up from the sordid football firm genre.'
Peter Thornton - The Sun 

'A novel that would make a fantastic film or TV drama but frankly could any director do such a beautiful story justice? I doubt it.'
Darren Sant - Daz's Short Book Reviews
For full review, click here 

'Ayris brings a depth and level of emotion to his writing that most authors strive their entire career to achieve, and which many never do.'
Elizabeth A. White - Musings of an All-Purpose Monkey
For full review, click here

'Ayris' gripping, gritty, beautiful novel is full of warmth, wit, excitement, comedy and tragedy'
Paul D. Brazill - Author of 13 Shots of Noir
For full review, click here 

'A fine balance of drama, suspense, and poignancy'
Steve Porter's World of Books
For full review, click here

'An amazingly good debut novel.'
Nigel Bird -  Author of Smoke
For full review, click here

'Fans of films like The Shawshank Redemption will love it.'
Ric's Reviews
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'a remarkable first novel'
Naomi Johnson - The Drowning Machine

For full review, click here

'An astounding story, with an original voice and style'
Crime Fiction Lover

For full review, click here

'a bruising, emotional roller coaster of a read, one Ian Ayris should be truly proud of - a remarkable debut novel'
Alan Griffiths - Brit Grit 

For full review, click here

'one of the most memorable books I've read in a long time'
Chris Rhatigan - Death By Killing
For full review, click here

'an absolute straight-in-the-back-of-the-net knockout of a story'
Jason Michel - Pulp Metal Magazine
For full review, click here
'It's literary, it's crime, it uses the word 'fuck' more than anything I've ever seen in my life. Expect to be moved and taken to a whole different world that is as real as your own'
Eric Beetner - Author of Dig Two Graves
For full review, click here 

'I absolutely loved Abide With Me and in places was very moved, to both laughter, and tears' 
Trevor Drane - Revelation Films
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