'Probably the best book you'll read this year' - Daz's Reviews
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'The whole piece is utterly compelling and ultimately rather beautiful' - Nigel Bird, author of The Shallows, Southsiders, In Loco Parentis
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'He [John] – and possibly many of the people we would dismiss as an underclass – has a depth of character which Ayris teases out and celebrates. I really found this a very satisfying read' - Ignite Books
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'Nerve-wracking and heartbreaking, tense and touching – April 

Skies is a Brit Grit classic' - Paul Brazill, author of The Last 

Laugh, Kill Me Quick, Cold London Blues

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'Together [Abide With Me and April Skies] they are an astonishing

one-two punch of writing that shows the progression of a 

boy/young man struggling to understand and come to terms with a 

life he knows is not destined for much, but which he still hopes to 

make the best of and build what little he can by surrounding 

himself with the love of family and friends and being the best man 

he knows how to be' - Elizabeth A. White, Reviewer and Editor
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