Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hot Rod Heart: A Noir Novelette, by Thomas Pluck - a review

The Blurb
 Bobby and Karen fit together like two sharp-toothed gears, suping up cars, racing them for pinks, and selling their rods to scrape a living. Then an old friend comes calling, and the jealous, brutal world conspires to tear them apart.

A fierce and fiery small-block noir tale from the author of the explosive action thriller Blade of Dishonor, and Steel Heart: 10 Tales of Crime & Suspense.

The Review
Hot Rod Heart is straight out of the noir tradition of James M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice. The simmering passions, the explosions of violence, the tragic inevitability of the character's lives. I read Hot Rod Heart in one sitting. It roars along just like one of the hot rods Bobby is so expert at fixing up. Trouble is, you can't fix up a woman. A woman has needs. Needs beyond a shiny exterior and a well-oiled engine. And Karen is one wild woman.

Pluck is one of those writers whose prose takes no prisoners. He shows you his characters as they see each other - hard-edged and posturing, whilst at the time they are terrified of others seeing the fear that threatens to break them apart. And Pluck does all this without taking sides. There is a kindness in his writing. He doesn't judge his characters. He merely allows them to be themselves. In doing so we, as a readers, are tested to see whether we will judge them, knowing if we do, we are simply judging ourselves.

Hot Rod Heart  is a dynamic slice of noir that I highly recommend to all that love their books gritty, passionate, and smart.

Hot Rod Heart is available from Amazon UK here and Amazon US here

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