Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Juggling jelly, and other bits and pieces . . .

Firstly, apologies for my self-imposed exile from the internet for the last few weeks.

See, what happened is that suddenly loads of things came together all at the same time - things in and of themselves that were really important, and deserved my full attention. And collectively, well, just the most horrendous organisational headache.

 The inside of my head

For someone who can hardly dress himself without falling over, it's been quite a challenge.

A few weeks ago I was invited to work with some kids at a local all boys secondary school. I thought I might be asked to do an hour session, instead I was asked to work with the boys for the entire school day. Now I'm not a teacher, but I knew I had to have a plan. Plan? Me? Nightmare. But I did it. I worked it out, and the day was an incredible experience.

 I wasn't quite Will Hay, but close enough . . .

I have also been organising the writing of a supporters book for Dagenham and Redbridge FC, in my guise as the Writer in Residence at the club. This has involved talking to fellow supporters, coming up with a layout for the book, and assigning writing roles to volunteers. I must say, my fellow Daggers have done me proud, and the book - at least the outline of it - is beginning to take shape. Surprising what a meeting over a few pints can do - cheers Lee and Nick ;)

Proper beer.

And through it all, I've been bashing away at the first draft of Look Away. It's nearly there. Just a few more chapters and a tidy up, a bit of research, and I reckon it'll be in pretty good shape.

 Getting there . . .

And then there was my English Degree. The final assignment for this, the penultimate year of the degree, is due in tomorrow. Somewhat ridiculously, the previous six assignments carry a combined total of 50% of the final mark for the module, and the final assignment carries 50% on its own. So, it's a big one. With the school visit, the Daggers book, trying to keep the novel ticking over, and then the assignment, it's been hard going.

Another inhabitant of the inside of my head . . .

Sad to say, I'm back on the coffee, and I've well and truly come off the chocolate wagon. But needs must, you know. Needs must.

One of those needs turns out to be the regular consumption of Double Decker bars. I've acquired a three a day habit, and today, I managed four.

Mmm . . .

Fortunately, my physiology allows me to eat vast quantities of all kinds of rubbish and still maintain my slim, muscular, frame . . . ahem . . .

After a last hurrah tomorrow, it's Double Decker cold turkey . . .

 It's not going to be good.

So, apologies to all on the Social Networking blogosphere for my absence. Hope you've all been keeping well. I'll try and catch up best I can. Till then, look after yourselves, eh.

Speak to you soon,


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