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B.R. Stateham - Forties noir novelist

B.R. Stateham

One of my favourite memories as a kid - telly wise - was stumbling upon the fifties American police series - Dragnet. It was the bang bang bang of the dialogue, the muted, and sometimes not so muted, brass soundtrack. A brilliantly atmospheric piece of telly. I don't watch television much nowadays, but if I somehow got hold of the complete fifties Dragnet episodes, I'd watch them back to back at the drop of B.R. Stateham's hat.

Back to B.R. Stateham. B.R. is an unashamedly self-confessed genre writer of forties police fiction. Right up my street. 

The central protagonists in Stateham's stories are homicide detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales. And in Stateham's new novel - Guilt of Innocence - Turner and Frank are up to their necks in it.

Here's the blurb:

Homicide detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales tackle a couple deadly cases filled with dead ends, false leads, and too many suspects to list.

Case number one involves the death of a corporate lawyer married to a beautiful by fragile woman who owns a cosmetics empire. Did she kill her husband? Did the lawyer's senior partner at his firm commit murder? How about the beautiful woman who runs a rival cosmetics empire? A woman who just happened to be one of the dead man's ex-lovers. Suspects everywhere. But not enough evidence to rule anyone out.

Case number two involves the disappearence of a fourteen year old girl fifteen years earlier. But it's no longer a cold case. The girl, now all grown up, returns only to get her self murdered and dumped into a river. Add to that the discovery one of the suspects who may have kidnapped the girl fourteen years earlier might have been Turner and Frank's current shift commander and the case becomes even more difficult to solve.

Two cops. Two difficult cases. Just another day at the office. 

Check out B.R. Stateham's page for more in the Turner and Hahn series. 

I can't pass by an item on the writing of B.R. Stateham without mentioning Smitty. Smitty is a hitman. A terrifying brute of a man - if you happen to be on the wrong side. But he is more than that. Much more. I've said before in writing circles I believe Smitty to be a stroke of genius. Do yourselves a favour and check out the Smitty books on B.R.'s page. You won't be disappointed.

The new Turner/Hahn novel - Guilt of Innocence - can be found on US Amazon here and UK Amazon here

B.R. Stateham's US Amazon page can be found here and his UK Amazon page is here

And check out those Smitty stories - they are fantastic.

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