Friday, 8 February 2013

STUMBLING ON . . . Feb. 8th 2013 -The joys of replacing a UPVC window handle wotsit . . .

 With Summer back at school today, it was time to look once again at my never-ending list of DIY jobs . . .

Now, anyone who knows me will know DIY is not my, well, thing. I have a go. God, do I have a go. I mean, it all looks so easy. Doesn't it . . .

Today's task was to replace the broken handle thing on one of our bedroom windows. Don't know how the last one broke. But it wasn't my fault. Honest.

After taking forty minutes last night to remove the old handle - yes, I know, I didn't realise there was another screw under a cover plate thing. I mean, why hide a bloody screw. It is, after all, by definition only a bloody screw.

Anyway, window handle in hand I trundled off to B&Q last night in the cold and the wind to find a replacement handle. And, of course, they didn't have one.

The old window handle. Bloody thing.

So back went on the old handle, even though it doesn't work. Just didn't want to lose it, you know.

With the house to myself after dropping the kids off, I took delivery of Charlie's wardrobe - three huge flat-pack boxes weighing 36kg, 40.5kg, and 46kg respectively. The two blokes who delivered the boxes were only little fellas, and struggled all the way. I didn't have the heart to ask them to take the boxes upstairs, so I said just to leave them in the hall, I'd take them up myself - so to speak.

The first box wasn't a problem. But the next one I had to lay it on it's side and push it up the stairs, then stand it up and walk it into our bedroom. The last one, blimey. Once again, I laid the box on it's side and tried to push it up the stairs - one step at a time. It spent most of it's time pushing me back down the stairs one step at a time, but after a couple of hairy moments, one of which the both of us ended at the bottom of the stairs and the other when it flipped over sideways onto the creaking stair-rail, I eventually reached the top.

Job done.

Something tweaked in me back during the battle with the last box, but I'm sure it'll pass.

On a roll, I thought I'd have a bash at the window handle again. Off to B&Q. And . . . YES!!! they had one in stock.

Sort of .

It was a different colour  - chrome not brass - but it looked the right size.

Once I got back, I fished out my paint-covered Philips screwdriver and changed the blade in my Stanley Knife - I'd shattered the other blade to smithereens the other day whilst using it to wrench open the gas meter door.

The handle - the handle fit perfectly. I even used the old screws. All ready to test it out, when the bugger just wouldn't shut. I had a quick look under the window frame, and saw this thing sort of hanging loose, obstructing the window. I fiddled about a bit - not really being able to see what I was doing, and this thing came off in my hand. It didn't look important, so I carried on regardless.

And the window, ladies and gentlemen . . . it works :)

It opens . . .
 It shuts . . . 
 Don't know what this is, but it doesn't seem important. Better keep it anyway . . .
Have a great day, all.

And a safe one . . . :)

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