Thursday, 7 February 2013

STUMBLING ON . . . 7th Feb. 2013 - Sometimes you've just got to admit defeat, and build a car out of cardboard . . .

 Mr Chilly in his new motor, looking somewhat pleased with himself

So, with the littl'un off this week with an ear infection, my plans for disciplined, structured, writing sessions were really and truly scuppered. I tried, I did. But the constant background noise of 'Daddy can I have a biscuit?' 'Daddy I'm tired.' 'Daddy I've lost me knickers', all to the sound of Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates simply rendered my brain a senseless mush.

Sometimes, you just have to swallow it.

Come yesterday, I replaced any thought of writing with finding something me and Summer could make. I was in a making mood. And out the front, in the porch thing, there was a box. I knew we had some paints and some glue.

We put our heads together, me and the littl'un, and we thunked hard. Summer wanted to make a rocket, but I thought a car might be best, given the shape of said box. 

We took the paints, some washing up sponges - much easier to use than paintbrushes - some little scissors, and a metal dish tin thing I found under the sink to stick the paint in - and headed for the porch thing.

And there we sat and cut and painted and laughed.

We cut out the wheels, the steering bits, and covered the windscreen and headlights in silver foil. And we painted the box.

 You can't see it, but there's a cardboard cd playing in there of the classic Jesus and Mary Chain album - Psychocandy

'There has to be room for Mr Chilly and Barney Dog,' Summer said.

'Who's driving?' I said.

Summer told me Mr Chilly would be driving, as though I should have known. Refusing to allow myself to be ripped to pieces inside by the scornful tone of a five year old, I cut two circles in the top of the box - one for Mr Chilly and a slightly larger one for Barney Dog.

And we were done.

 Summer and Mr Chilly. with Barney Dog in the passenger seat

One happy littl'un, and a Dad who hadn't enjoyed himself so much in ages.

And then, before we knew it, Mr Chilly put is foot down on the cardboard accelerator and shot off into the distance . . .

The last we ever saw of Mr Chilly

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