Friday, 15 February 2013

LOOK AWAY - a little bit of blurb . . .

Well, I've been hard at it this week, working on the novel. I'm up to thirty five thousand words now - the last seventeen thousand of which I've written by hand. I massively underwrite on first drafts, so although not a massive amount of words, the first draft is, in fact two thirds done. I've now completed typing all thirty five thousand words onto the computer, and begun looking through what I've got. Editing, I suppose you'd call it. Essentially, I suppose I've sort of begun the second draft before the first one has even finished. But it feels okay to do that, you know. What I want is a solid base, a solid first two thirds before I push on to the final stretch.

Spending so much time on the book this week, I've managed to come up with a blurb of sorts. Something that helps me see how the book might end up. I've written the last couple of paragraphs of the book, just need to find the intervening whatever thousand. But it's getting there.

Here's the blurb I've come up with to give you some idea of what to expect in the sequel to ABIDE WITH ME:

When news filters through notorious local gangster Ronnie Swordfish has been killed in prison, John’s mum thinks the nightmare is finally over.

And maybe she's right.

Everything seems quiet, and life carries on. With Charlie deciding to shut his stall down, John signs on at a job agency. He soon gets a job in a factory, and everything seems rosy.

Then Becky goes missing.

And the nightmare begins.

Enlisting the help of an OCD-afflicted ex-copper mate, John prepares to take on the might and the muscle and the psychotic propensities of whichever one of Ronnie Swordfish's family or associates is behind Becky's disappearance.

Trouble is, he's got no idea who they are. 

It could be anyone.

So there it is. Best crack on . . .


  1. Cheers, Paul. Much appreciated, mate. Just a case of putting one word after another and seeing where it leads :)

    Hopefully it'll be all done and dusted and available back end of the year.

  2. I tend to underwrite first drafts quite a bit too and I'm always relieved to see that word count grow as I got through a second Time.