Friday, 8 February 2013

ABIDE WITH ME - the sales figures . . .

Yesterday, I received the sales figures for ABIDE WITH ME.

With it being a pretty difficult to assign genre, my first book, a small, but brilliant, independent publisher, I was thinking two hundred to five hundred, tops. But as it turned out, Since it's publication in the middle of March last year, 1,707 copies of ABIDE WITH ME have been sold.

Now, I don't know the score with this sort of thing - what the expected first year figures are from a first time novelist published by a small, but brilliant, independent publisher, but to think once the year is up in full, almost two thousand copies of ABIDE WITH ME could have been sold . . . well . . . fair blows me away, it does.

I had no idea. 

Just want to thank everyone who has chipped in over the last two years with words of encouragement and support, and to all those that spent your hard earned money on something I have written - still find it hard to get my head round that one - I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To all who turned up at the book signings and the talks, and who tuned into the radio, and anyone who's thought enough of the book to mention it to another.

Thank you.

Thank you all.

Here's to the next one, eh :)

Best wishes,



  1. Well down, for what it's worth I think that's fantastic & well deserved, here's to many, many more sales. Paul

  2. Should've said 'Well done', not well down!! Paul

  3. Brilliant stuff, Ian. Thems good figures, btw. Lots of big publishers don't manage that. Well deserved. And here's too many more!

  4. Touches the heart and mind. AWM deserves all the cheering (and slaes) it gets and more.