Thursday, 31 January 2013

STUMBLING ON . . . 31st Jan. 2013 - I'm not a vet, but how hard can it be . . . ?

Sometimes in life, things just sort of work out. Like with the Harold Hill Library talk earlier this week. You can worry your head off about all sorts of stuff, but sometimes you have to just go with it and see what happens.

But sometimes, life really does throw you into a panic. Me, anyway. And the latest one occurred whilst playing with Summer. We were playing a game she got for Christmas called . . . wait for it . . .


Yes, Doggie Doo. And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the little fella:

Ahh . . .

Okay, so the idea of Doggie Doo is you get this plasticene type stuff and you fill his mouth with it, stick the bone in, twist it right down,  and throw a dice. However many the dice says, that's how many pumps of the trigger you do (that red thing there). The doggie doo then proceeds down the doggie's digestive canal and comes out . . . well, let's just say this game leaves nothing to the imagination. The player with the final squeeze of the trigger collects the doggie doo on a shovel, and laughs hysterically.

What fantastic fun we were having, until Daddy didn't know his own strength. While I was twisting the bone into place . . .

 It broke off . . .

Bugger, I thought . . .

Summer was crying. I felt terrible. And when I found out the price of the thing, I felt more terrible still. A running repair was in order. I'd wait till she went back to school then perform an operation on the poor doggie. It shouldn't be too difficult. First of all I tried sellotaping the bone together, but that didn't work. All that did was engorge the poor doggie's mouth with sellotape. Drastic action was needed. Any of you who know my DIY skills will know this is when I should have stopped . . .

Out came my little screwdriver, on went my surgical gloves and my surgical mask and . . .

It's that pipe thing at the bottom of the picture, that's where the bone had sheared off. No problem, I thought. Just a case of sawing through the plastic, removing the sheared off bone, and super-gluing the plastic back together.
For another day, though. So I put the doggie back together . . .

Doggie - post-surgery
Those observant ones amongst you will notice on reassembly the doggie now had the plastic air tube coming out of his arse rather than his neck. A small detail, I thought. After all, more surgery is planned so I'll take care of that then. But it did get me thinking - doubting my ability to get this job done. Was it beyond me? Probably.
All that was left to do was email the makers of the game for a replacement bone.

So there I was, waiting for a small package to drop through the door, when the postman knocked and hand me a somewhat larger package. And inside that package was . . .

Ahhh . . . again
A brand new doggie :)
So it just goes to show, ladies and gentlemen, there are days in your life when the world really does spin your way.
And when it does, that's when you realise what a wonderful place it can be :)  

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  1. Haha very clever, but I'm sure it made Summer very happy. Does that toy have different animals, perhaps a cat or a horse? I'm sure my son will love that too.

  2. Hi Carly Mae :)

    Far as I know, they just do the dog version, and Summer was, and is, very happy. Always talks about getting a real puppy, but our house is too small. For now, she's more than content with a plastic one . . . :)