Monday, 21 January 2013

Bloody Computers, etc . . .

So, it was like this . . .

Christmas morning. The kids had opened their presents. Everybody happy. Especially Charlie, who'd got Football Manager 13 - possibly the best football management computer game ever. I had Charlie had been waiting months to play it. So on goes the computer. I put the disk in. It becomes pretty clear the thing is going to take ages to load, so I'm thinking I'll take it out and me and Charlie can have a look at it after breakfast. So out it comes.

Next thing . . .

Me in the kitchen with my Christmas morning coffee. Charlie sitting at the computer.

Charlie: Dad?
Me: Mmm?
Charlie: Football Manager's gone.
Me: It can't be. I just put it in the case.
Charlie: No, it's gone.
Me: What do you mean?
Charlie: I don't know.

Turns out, so excited was Charlie to play the game he managed to overshoot the disk tray in the computer and lodge the game somewhere inside the computer. Literally, inside. I still don't know quite how he managed to do it. The exuberance of youth, I suppose.

So, the computer's buggered.

Charlie's lost his game. And my coffee's gone cold. My fourth Kindle had broken a couple of days before, and I still didn't have a phone since losing my old one in Tescos six weeks back.

No Kindle. No phone, now no computer.

I was genuinely upset for Charlie. But within a few minutes he had his old Fifa 13 going on the Playstation and he was fine.

But me, I had an English Lit. Degree assignment due in three weeks, the sequel to AWM2 to write - till now going at a cracking pace - and a shedload of unanswered queries and emails and computer stuff left hanging. In a single moment of bleak realisation I realised my life revolved around that computer. That bloody computer. It was as bleak as realisations go.

We made the necessary arrangements, and the computer was picked up the following Monday. Within the month it took to be returned - minus Football Manager 13, I learned a few things. I learned first drafts can be written with a pen and paper. I learned I can give up coffee and chocolate and crisps. And I learned there is nothing finer than to sit down with a good book. I also  always thought I needed silence to write, and time. But I don't. I need good music and the will to put pen to paper.. God bless the Dixie Chicks and cheap notebooks. But most of all I learned the computer is there for me to use rather than to chain myself to.

And Charlie has got a new copy of Football Manager 13. My wife, Katie, bought me a new phone at the weekend and my fifth Kindle in ten months just popped through the door.

So, that was it. All's well that ends well, as they say.

I've had a rethink about this site as well. There's going to be some changes. I'm going to start a proper blog thing - more a sort of diary content wotsit. Plus a couple of other bits - regular reviews etc. We'll see how it goes, anyway.

So, loads of apologies for being absent so long, but these things happen, eh.

 I've got a lot of catching up to do, so best get to it.

Look after yourselves, everyone.

Best wishes,



  1. Thank you, sir. And thanks once again, mate, for the three replacement kindle files. Great to know the first three books on my new kindle are Brazill books :)