Monday, 10 December 2012

Romford Waterstones - the return signing, and other news

The Romford Book Signing
So, back at Romford Waterstones, the place where my first ever experience of a book signing took place way back in March. Seems a lifetime ago. And in between, I've enjoyed the best nine months of my life.

Mmm . . . nine months . . . interesting lifetime analogy, there . . .

As for this, the second book signing at Romford, the signing was to take place on a Sunday as opposed to all the other Saturday signings. I had no expectations of the day - as of any other day in my life - but had a feeling a Sunday might be different from a Saturday. And so it proved to be. We didn't sell quite as many as we'd hoped, but I met some fantastic people, including Peter May, who not only has one of the best West Ham blogs around - Hammers in the Heart - but is also the author of several top books. My mate Em turned up too, as did my mates Rich - with his lovely girls, Katie and Lucy - and my mate from work, Clem.

As for the perenially being mistaken for a Waterstones emplyee . . . I was asked where the Harry Redknapp books were, where The Only Way is Essex books were, did we sell the 'Guess Who?' game, and where the cookery books were. I also had a forty minute 'chat' with a lady who told me her cat suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


You gotta love it :)

As always, the staff at Romford Waterstones were lovely. Thank you to Dionne, Kimberley, Emma, Sultana, and all the other brilliant staff at the store.

The support and the kindness you've shown me over the two book signings have truly given me one of the best experiences of my life.

 Thank you.

Other News
In the next couple of days I'm hoping to announce a very special book signing for the coming Saturday- a book signing as close to my heart as it gets. 

Caffeine Nights Christmas Offer
Click here for details of a brilliant Caffeine Nights Christmas offer. Don't forget, the price direct from the CN website for all books and ebooks is the same as on Amazon, including free delivery. So if you want to buy a CN book this month and can't make it to Waterstones, pop on over to the CN paperback/audio book store and the ebook store.

Right. Best run. Got some hoovering to do and a load of shopping.

Look after yourselves, everyone.

Best wishes,

Ian :)

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