Thursday, 29 November 2012

AWM and Jason Dean - a roundup

Hi all.

So much going on at the moment, thought it time for a weekly update sort of wotsit.

Here goes . . .

ABIDE WITH ME has now reached fifty Amazon reviews in the UK. Can't believe it. With 44 five star reviews, 4 four stars, 1 three star, and the single 1 star, from the splendidly named - ALICE TROUT, I couldn't be happier.

In terms of book signings, my return to Waterstones, Basildon this Saturday just gone, became the seventh leg of the ABIDE WITH ME Book Tour. As usual it was a mix of the bizarre, the surreal, the fantastic, and the chocolate. You can read all about it here

On the 9th December I return to Waterstones, Romford - my home signing, if you like - and I can't wait. There will also be an announcement shortly regarding another book signing before Christmas. Can't say too much at the moment. All I can say is it is a venue not yet visited. I'll let you know more details soon as I am able.

Was delighted this morning to spot a new review - new to me, anyway - on Shelfari, from Steve Williams:

'This is superb. Grange Hill with swearing, how it really would have been in a tough inner city London school. Ayris writes the poetics of Steven Berkoff's early works and dazzles with brilliant descriptions of grizzly east end characters which could have been lifted straight out of Dickens. Brimming with real, true life characters. Ayris manages to keep you finely balanced between tears of pain, empathy and laughter throughout. Deserves an award for best first novel. Superb.'

I love these sorts of reviews. The ones you just stumble upon, you know. Brilliant :)

ONE DAY IN THE LIFE OF JASON DEAN- my debut novella - has now been out about a week. It's garnered some lovely reviews so far - for which I am very grateful, and is a book I am really proud of. I have been really touched by the private messages readers have been sending me, saying how much the book has touched them too. If you haven't come across any reviews yet, here are a couple, plus an article I wrote for Elizabeth A. White's brilliant blog:

Kath Middleton reviews Jason Dean

Elizabeth A. White reviews Jason Dean

Article - The Day I Met Jason Dean

One Day in the Life of Jason Dean is available to download from Amazon US here and from Amazon UK here

If you haven't got a Kindle, you can download the Kindle App to your PC completely free of charge, and start reading both books off your computer. The Kindle App can be downloaded here in the US and here in the UK.

In other news, I have been invited by one of the local libraries to take part in an authors event on the 19th January next year. Really excited about this one. More details, again, when I have them to hand.

Before I go, just have to mention I've just been very fortunate to read a copy of Les Edgerton's new book - due out next year. It is astounding. Can't say anymore than that. I'll have a review up on the blog, and posted all over the place come the day of its arrival.

Right. Best go. Kiddies need picking up from school.

Look after yourselves, all.

Best wishes,

Ian :)


  1. Just bought it and "liked" it. Can't wait to dig into the read!