Monday, 27 August 2012

A French Adventure . . .

Two weeks in a tent in Picardy, France - Saint Valerie, to be exact. Beautiful, medieval Saint Valerie, from whence William the Conquerer - yes, he who exploded in his coffin - set out all those years ago to put one over the English and where there is a urinal on the outside wall of the toilets near the steam train booking office. 

An odd, beautiful place.

We travelled to the heart of the Somme where so many died so bravely and so needlessly, we wandered around the incredible underground city of Naours, and ate lots of chocolate and croissants and myself and Katie drank wine by the bucketful. At two quid a bottle, it would have been rude not to.

My 'C' Grade 'O' Level French held up till the last, Mollie groaning audibly from the back of the car when I thanked the French customs official on our way out of France by saying 'Merci, bonjour'. Del Boy would've been proud.

Whilst away, I read David Trottier's Screenplay Bible cover to cover, and Les Edgerton's brilliant The Bitch - review to follow.

I came home to Old Blighty to see Abide With Me had gotten its fortieth five star review and the Mighty Daggers had made a slow start to the 2012/2013 campaign. There's a long way to go yet, mind, and I am ever hopeful we could get something like a top half finish.

The only negative from the last two weeks was that my third Kindle collapsed on me. I also soon discovered the delivery company had delivered my previous broken Kindle (number two) to the wrong address in Bonny Scotland, Amazon therefore charging me a hundred and fifty quid for not getting it back to them on time. 

Fantastic :)

On a lighter note . ..

In the confines of canvassed home I got busy planning AWM2, and have enough ideas to make a real start next week when the kids go back to school. Yep - planning. Something I've never done before. I have realised writing a sequel is a totally different animal from writing a first book. All those threads and characters and story-lines, you know. A completely different monster. I am tackling the thing by writing a one line description of every scene that appears in my head, then cutting all the lines out of my notebook and laying them on the floor in the order they will appear in the book. I then re-write the lines in the order they appear on the floor. It's helped me get a really good idea of all the things I want in the sequel and been surprisingly useful.

I've also give up chocolate again . . . and coffee . . . and wine . . .

For today . . . anyway . . .

Hope you've all kept well.

All the very best of wishes,


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