Friday, 11 May 2012

ABIDE WITH ME: Getting ready for the final book signing

March the nineteenth seems a long time ago now.  That's when ABIDE WITH ME was first published.  The first book signing - at Waterstones, Romford - took place several days later.  And this Saturday, tomorrow, I have my final book signing on this leg of the ABIDE WITH ME Book Tour, at Waterstones in Walthamstow.

Walthamstow have been promoting the book signing for a number of weeks now, via the social networking sites, and have shown tremendous enthusiasm.  I popped in there yesterday to drop off some bookmarks and to have a look around.  The shop, as at Waterstones, Lakeside and Waterstones, Basildon is set in a busy shopping centre, close to the entrance.

The first thing I spotted in the middle of the shop was a small round table display of ABIDE WITH ME books.  Fantastic.  And the window display looks very nice indeed:

 The window at Walthamstow Waterstones.

 I picked up a couple of copies of the local paper - The Waltham Forest Guardian - and found the article I was told by my publisher would be inside.  And, although it probably makes me sound a bit mad, the article covered almost half a page - by far the largest article about myself and ABIDE WITH ME so far.  And here it is:

 Me in the paper, sounding worryingly off me trolley.

Regardless to say, I can't wait for tomorrow to come along.  And to be honest, I could do with the break.  It's really difficult to get across how exhausting these book signings have been.  Next week, I'm planning a little post on my experience of the book signings as a whole.  And out of all the experiences I thought I might have, exhaustion wasn't one of them.

Other Stuff
Tonight, at half past seven GMT, I will be the subject of a live webchat over on the Goodreads forum.  Following the following link will give instructions on how to take part.  Would be great to chat to a few people :)   Link:  

Just want to mention a couple of anthologies doing the rounds at the moment.  The brilliant  charity anthology - TRUE BRIT GRIT -  is available here.
The book includes stories from the likes of Matt Hilton, Tony Black, Allan Guthrie, Sheila Quigley, and Ray Banks.  There's also a story from me in there somewhere as well.  Forty-five stories for just £1.90, and all for charidee :)  Blimey.

Another great anthology out at the moment is the cracking Action:Pulse Pounding Tales, vol. one including stories from Paul D. Brazill, Col Bury, Richard Godwin, Matt Hilton, Stephen Leather, and Adrian Magson.

So, there we have it for today.  Have a great weekend, everyone, and I'll update you on how the Walthamstow book signing went on Monday.

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