Thursday, 17 May 2012

ABIDE WITH ME: Extracts and Photos - Around the Boleyn Ground

 Around the Boleyn Ground
The closest station to the Boleyn Ground - the home of the Hammers - is Upton Park Tube Station.  Both the station and the football ground sit on Green Street, Plaistow, just as few hundred yards apart.  Next to the station is The Queens' Pub, a favourite haunt of Hammers fans in John's time, and now.

The Queens, Green Street.
'Green Street's jammed. And the boozer, you can't hardly get near it. Looks like everyone's had the same idea. As we're pushin through the crowds outside, I get a tap on me shoulder. But it ain't a tap it's more like a thump and whoever done it smells of beer and piss. Dribblin Albert, if I had to guess. He's one of Dad's mates from his days at the factory. Collars us every fuckin time.'
From ABIDE WITH ME, p. 64 

Upton Park Station, on a match day 

'Upton Park Station's crawlin with Old Bill. All over the gaff. No surprise, really. Arsenal ain't like Millwall, or Uncle Derek's Yids, but there still ain't no fuckin love lost, if you know what I mean.'
From ABIDE WITH ME, p. 64 
 Tube Station ticket barriers
'Me and Dad go through the line of Old Bill outside Upton Park Station, and they don't give us a 
second look. They're busy with some lads what've tried jumpin the barriers and are cuffin one of em 
against a wall. Of all the fuckin days to get nicked. No fuckin brains some people.'
From ABIDE WITH ME, p.65

Next up, some photos and extracts closer to the football action described within the pages of ABIDE WITH ME.
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  1. Strange, I don't think I ever went it The Queens, though I was in the Bolyn many times. And the Essex Arms. I knew the Stratford, East Ham side more, when I think about it.