Wednesday, 4 April 2012

ABIDE WITH ME: the story so far . . .

Incredibly, it's now been just over three weeks since ABIDE WITH ME was officially launched.  I say 'incredibly' because it feels like two minutes.  Honestly.  It really does.

I spend half my time exhausted, the other half exhilarated.  There have been book signings, races up the Amazon charts, races down again, unbelievable reviews - and one not so complimentary, but just as edifying - more of which later.

ABIDE WITH ME was always a difficult one to categorise, and myself and Darren at Caffeine Nights spent some time going backwards and forwards on the issue.  And with overwhelmingly positive reviews of the book now in from readers of all ages, sexes, football lovers, non-football lovers, lovers of 'proper' writing, lovers of deep down and dirty gritty writing, readers from both sides of the Pond - the search for a definitive genre seems even more elusive.  It seems the book has a far more wide-ranging appeal than I ever expected - and that's proper blown me away, that has.

Elizabeth A. White, one of the most respected online crime/noir reviewers around, called it 'the best book I've read in years'.  
C.Hanks, from Portland, Oregan, said 'I couldn't get past page 2, just too disgusted and distracted.'
I was sure this book would polarise people, just surprised me it has taken so lomg . . .
I spend most of my days in a state of perpetual confusion at best, but the last three weeks have really taken me somewhere else.  I feel I've grown.  As a person.  The book signings have been massive in this process.  Putting myself 'out there' - amongst friends and strangers, the book I'd written the connecting thread between us.  Been terrifying at times, but I've weathered the internal storm of it all, and can't wait for the challenges ahead.
After the Kindle promotion, a new phase now begins.  This Friday, there will be a competition in my local newspaper to win one of five copies of ABIDE WITH ME - my first major contact with the print media.  And tomorrow night, I will be the guest at a meeting of the local library Creative Writing Group - otherwise known as Dennis and Mike.  I've no idea what I'm expected to do, but I'll face it like I'm learning to face all of this wonderful adventure - with a smile, a sense of pride, and a dozen bookmarks clutched firmly in my hand..
My friends, all of you - online and off - you have been magnificent.  Your support is something I'll not soon forget.  
Thank you.


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  1. One of the most inspiring reads I've read in a long long while. I've been thinking of an ingredient that is missing from some of my own fiction and AWM has helped me realise what it is.