Thursday, 26 April 2012

ABIDE WITH ME: Photos and Extracts - the Bethnal Green Road

By way of introducing readers of ABIDE WITH ME to the actual area and locations win which the book is set, I'll be posting various photos alongside extracts from the text.  I must add, I'm rubbish at taking photos, but there you go.  A bit of fun, eh :)

Here's the first one, a photo of the Bethnal Green Road taken this morning on a rain-sodden day in Bethnal Green:

'I'm turnin into the Bethnal Green Road. Cars everywhere, headlights blurred in the rain. And some fucker's crawlin across the road on his hands and knees through a fuckin river. Must be pissed or stoned or mental or something. Car horns blarin, people windin down their windows, all shoutin at him. I'm slowin down a bit cos he's lookin at me. And I sort of recognise him.
ABIDE WITH ME,  p. 118

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