Friday, 27 April 2012

ABIDE WITH ME: Photos and Extracts - the record shop

Like much of ABIDE WITH ME, the record shop depicted in the book was real - OUR PRICE RECORDS on the corner of New Street and Bishopsgate, just round the corner from Petitcoat Lane market.  I worked at OUR PRICE when I was nineteen. I'd spend all day cataloguing records - real records, not cds, - listening to blues music or indie music or soul - whatever any of the staff wanted to play.  It was heaven.

I left after my first epileptic seizure.  The doctor said I shouldn't be going anywhere near a station platform until the medication had been sorted out, and seeing as I made the journey every morning by train from Harold Wood to Liverpool Street, that was it for me.

After a series of takeovers, OUR PRICE RECODS disappeared off the planet in 2003.

The branch I used to work at is now a Carphone Warehouse.  Not the same, really.

'Last straw come when I'm in this record shop down Bishopsgate not long back. I got me list of tapes what Thommo's old man wants. Like I says, we're nickin to order now, real fuckin professional. Long as you follow the rules it's a piece of piss. Check where the staff is. Have an exit. Just get what you gotta get. And keep your head about you at all fuckin times.'
From ABIDE WITH ME, p.84 

On Monday, Barmy Park.

Have a great weekend, all.
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  1. Ian,

    Just wanted you to know, I've been following along here. You have an interested viewer and reader here. Great posts and pictures. I'm also going to get Abide With Me this weekend. Sold.

    Congrats on the book and good selling wishes.


    1. Hi Jim.

      Hope you're keeping well, mate. And thanks so much for the support. As humbling an experience as I've ever had, this book stuff. The support and friendship has been really touching.

      Look after yourself, mate.

      All the best,


  2. Jim,
    You will love the book. It is awesome reading!