Friday, 6 April 2012

ABIDE WITH ME: Media Coverage . . .

Today marked a new phase in the journey of ABIDE WITH ME.  Media.  To begin with, my local newspaper - The Romford Recorder - ran a competition in today's edition to win one of five copies of the book.  And here it is:

One of my aims in this new phase is to begin to build some sort of local profile - building on the success of the Romford book signing.  To this end, I met with the local library Creative Writing Group last night, and had a fantastic time chatting to Mike, Dennis, and Emma.  With a copy of ABIDE WITH ME sitting on the table between us, it suddenly occurred to me I was about to receive feedback face to face feedback on the book from people I had never met - a world away from the online experience of receiving reviews.  Happily, both Dennis and Mike had both read the book and absolutely loved it.  I spent a brilliant time fielding questions, discussing the book, talking about writing in general, plus the persecutory nature of Denis's pre-war school teachers.  Was a pleasure spending time with genuinely good, honest people.  And at the end, Dennis, bless him, described me as 'inspirational' - which was nice :)

Another hurdle leapt, another fantastic experience.

Harold Wood Library
And to top it all, there is a review of ABIDE WITH ME in today's Sun newspaper.  I'd heard whispers a review was on the cards, and my own views and politics aside - as in this case I really do have to set my personal views and politics aside - the Sun being Britains biggest selling paper, a review is a huge opportunity.  Fortunately, almost against his better judgement it seems, the reviewer almost can't help but recommend the book :)  :

And with top New York literary agent - Janet Reid - recommending the book to her blog and Twitter followers yesterday, it's been another fantastic week :)

Next up . . . the third leg of the Book Tour stops at The Newham Book Shop on the 14th April, plus more media opportunities bubbling away . . .

Look after yourselves, everyone.  And thanks so much for the continued support.

All the best,