Friday, 20 April 2012


Tomorrow, I make the short train journey to Ilford for the fourth book signing on the ABIDE WITH ME Book Tour - my third Waterstones.

A rubbish picture I took today of Ilford Waterstones.  Bloody phone.

Ilford Waterstones is spread across two floors.  Eleanor, the lovely manager, said I would have a spot at the front of the shop, just inside the doors.  Fantastic, although brings with it a little bit of a dilemna.  On it's journey so far, ABIDE WITH ME seems to have spanned the Crime and the Sports Fiction genres - online promotion leaning towards Crime, 'real world' promotion - aside from Amazon -  leaning towards Sports Fiction.  And would you believe it, the crime and the sports sections of Ilford Waterstones are upstairs - a million miles away from where I'll be signing.  

ABIDE WITH ME sitting comfortably upstairs in the Crime section.

I had a chat with Eleanor today, and she plans to have a little display table of copies of ABIDE WITH ME in the crime section, although I reckon it's a pretty flexible arrangement.  Just a case of moving the table to the sports section, if needs be :)  And with our display downstairs bedecked with West Ham balloons and pennants and a newly acquired 1980 West Ham v Arsenal Cup Final programme, I reckon a little word in the lovely Eleanor's ear might be on the cards. That's what I love about my contact with Waterstones during this book tour.  Their flexibility, and their willingness just to muck in and try anything is just so refreshing.

The weather over here in this part of Old Blighty at the moment is, to put it politely, 'changeable'.  So we're hoping for a lovely day tomorrow to bring out the punters.  If the sky is crying, as the great Elmore James once sung, it's just a matter of hoping for the best.  As always, there are no goals.  Just being in the shop, the big old seven-foot cover screen of ABIDE WITH ME there for all the punters to see, is job done.  All about getting the book into the local psyche.  

 The Ilford Waterstones front window.  J.K. who?

And the best thing . . . the very best thing, is there are people I will meet tomorrow who I have never seen in my life . . . people I will remember, people I have been waiting to meet forever.  And I don't even know who they are. 

In other news, tentative arrangements are underway for my first local radio interview.  Proper looking forawrd to that :)

Look after yourselves, all.

Have a great weekend.

And if anyone is in the Ilford area tomorrow, and fancies popping in for a chat or to pick up a signed copy of ABIDE WITH ME, it'd be great to see some friendly faces. As always, I'll be there from eleven o'clock onwards, stoked with coffee and several bars of chocolate.

All the best,



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  1. Wow standing next to another Brit icon JK Rowling in one of the stands there gives me much pride mate. I would love to catch up with you to share full colour business cards but not this time I guess in llford.