Friday, 23 March 2012

The ABIDE WITH ME Book Tour begins . . .

So we're approaching the close of an incredibly exciting week in which ABIDE WITH ME was finally launched.  

It's been fantastic fun watching the Amazon rankings, though I realise they are not entirely indicative of book sales.  But like I say, all the same, a nice diversion.  And I'm tremendously grateful for all the support the book has received.  It has been quite outstanding.  There's been some great reviews, and the level of support has been truly humbling.

The week has been dominated by the free and discounted Kindle offer, but tomorrow it is the paperback's time to take centre-stage when the ABIDE WITH ME Book Tour begins at Waterstones, Romford.

There has been a display of ABIDE WITH ME paperbacks in the shop window for a couple of weeks, and this week a display inside as well.  The bookmarks are ready.  The seven foot pull-up poster mock-up of the cover is ready.  Mollie's going to text me the Daggers score - home to Accrington Stanley, massive game - and I've got a dozen people on standby to fetch me coffees and chocolate. 

Yep.  A dozen people.  They just don't know it yet.

So if you're in the area tomorrow and fancy popping along to Romford Waterstones from eleven in the morning to say hello, it'd be lovely to see a friendly face :)

Will try to post some photos of the book signing and a report here tomorrow when I get back.

Just leaves me to say thank you all for a truly memorable week.

Thank you.



  1. Wish I could be there. Glad things have been rolling well.

  2. Thank you, Charles. Much appreciated, mate. And thank you so much for your support for the book. This whole thing is far more humbling than I could ever have imagined.

    Warmest regards,