Wednesday, 28 March 2012

ABIDE WITH ME: News and Reviews . . .

Things continue to move along nicely this week - the fall out of the first book signing at Romford leading ABIDE WITH ME to enter the in-store best seller chart.  I'd heard a whisper of this on the day, and thought it might sneak in at seventeen or eighteen.  So off I went yesterday with the new phone I barely know how to work but knew somewhere there was a camera on it, to take a couple of pictures.  And here's one, the other one was rubbish - too much light, you know:

Yep.  Number two.  Would never of dreamed of that.  Number one is something called Hunger Games, or something.  Apparently it's some sort of world wide phenomenon, and at the pictures as well, so must be flying off the shelves.  Even if AWM stays in my local Waterstones in-store chart for a week, that moment, the moment I looked up and saw it there was one of the proudest of my life.

As some of you might know, ABIDE WITH ME was scheduled for publication last August, but due to external circumstances was delayed to this month.  To keep some sort of  structure to the promotional push, I'd asked the reviewers that had kindly offered to review the book last August if they minded if I slotted them in at various times after the March publication date.  To a man, and a woman, they were as one entirely obliging.

Due this week was Elizabeth A. White - one of the most widely respected and brilliant reviewers in the online crime/noir scene.  To say I was nervous as to what Elizabeth might make of the book is an understatement.  Yep, even after all the fantastic reviews, I'm still too close to the thing to see it from the outside.  Perhaps it shall always be that way.  Part of me hopes so.

Elizabeth very kindly assuaged my nerves last week by giving me a little hint to say she loved the book - and I can't tell you how relieved I was.  As a precursor to the review, Elizabeth posted on her site a little essay I'd done about how the writing of ABIDE WITH ME came about.  The article can be found here - along with my new posey photo.  Those of you that know me well will know the hell I would have gone through to agree to get that done :)

The day after the article came Elizabeth's review.  The review blew me away in the same fashion AWM appears to have blown Elizabeth away.  Here it is.

And then to top it all, Darren Sant - one of the nice, most talented writers on the block, surprised me with a review of his own.  And here that is.

To have received two such stunning reviews so shortly after the Romford Waterstones in-store chart thing has left me feeling, to be very honest, a little bit wobbly.  To have touched two such good people so deeply, along with all the other incredible reviews, well, I've gone through so much chocolate and coffee the last couple of days, you wouldn't believe . . .

It feels like the whole thing has begun in earnest, now.  The free download promotion has produced phenomenal figures - and the reviews continue to trickle in.  This Saturday, the second leg of the book tour begins - Lakeside, Thurrock - from 11am.  I'll do a full report - with piccies - as soon as I can after.  I'll be taking a trip down to the store tomorrow to have a chat, and will let you know how I get on in Friday's blog.

Have a good'un, everyone.



  1. I swear I'll grasp you warmly by the throat. Of course AWM is going to get great reviews! It's an amazing book. I am beyond chuffed for you, mate.
    Here's to even more AWM love.


  2. LOL...The pic thing. If I recall, the last pic was taken by accident with you in front of your webcam. :-) Off now to read the reviews. Congrats and best wished Ian.

  3. What Sue said.

    Mate, you have to stop sounding suprised that people like the effing thing. You wrote it, it got published, it's out in the world now. Man up. :)