Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Uncle Mildred meets . . . Jonathan Sideboard

I'm waiting for Jonathan.  Jonathan isn't here, yet.  He's a shy lad, Jonathan.  He doesn't talk much.  But he thnks.  My in heaven, how he thinks.  They're all in his eyes, his thoughts.

And there's only me can see em.

About his father, mostly.  Not what you'd call a nice man, his father.  Sits in his armchair all day giving out his orders, not seeing the darkness in the eyes of his son glowing brighter by the second.

He thinks about his mother a lot, Jonathan.  His mother is dead and he knows it in his bones and he knows his father knows it in more than his bones but he hates his father too too much to ask.

Ah, here he is now . . .

Hello Jonathan.


Dark eyes like his father . . .

Jonathan's story is told in 'COLD' - the second story in Uncle Mildred and Other Stories.

Tomorrow, Uncle Mildred meets . . . The Surf Rider . . .

All proceeds from Uncle Mildred and Other Stories are being donated to Cancer Research UK and The Breast Cancer Charities of America.

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