Monday, 20 February 2012

Ric's Reviews reviews . . . ABIDE WITH ME, plus bookmarks and book plates and other bits and bobs . . .

Well, exactly four weeks to the day till the official launch.  And things are ticking over nicely . . .

I have a received a design from the brilliant Mark Williams for the bookmarks I'll be giving away at the book signings, and hope to have them at the printers this week.  I'm also in the middle of designing a book plate for the book.  If anyone doesn't know what a bookplate is - only saying because I didn't - it's a sort of sticky lablel that you can stick inside the book.  No point in and of itself because it just covers up the words, but the point of it is that if you can't make the book signings and you'd like a signed copy of the book - just email me your address, I'll write a few words and sign the book plate, send it off to you, you stick it on one of the blankish pages at the front of the book and 'voila' - a signed copy :)

Rick over at Ric's Reviews just posted a really nice review of AWM.  Click here for a gander.

And another couple of nice Amazon reviews here 

Elsewhere on the blogosphere,I had a chat with the brilliant, multi-talented, and chipper, Mr Paul Brazill the other day.  You can read the words that passed between us here

Staying with Paul for a moment, his brilliant Drunk on the Moon collection of short stories, penned by Paul himself, and some of the best short story writers around, has now found a home at Dark Valentine Press, and will be released as an anthology in March.  Click here for more details over at Katherine Tomlinson's blog.  And you've just got to see that new cover to see DVP are a class act.

So, remember, anyone who can't get to the book signings but still wants their copy of ABIDE WITH ME signed, well, by me, just send me your postal address to

Back Wednesday.  And Wednseday, well, that's Uncle Mildred's day . . .

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