Monday, 6 February 2012

Life after Trestle? Course there is . . .

After the Trestle debacle of last week, at last some good news.  Ex-Trestle authors, of which there now are many - Heath Lowrance and Fiona Johnson (aka McDroll) - haven't let the grass grow very long, as it were.  Heath has been picked up by the David Cranmer's brilliant BEAT TO A PULP, and today, Fiona self-published The Wrong Delivery - Corrin's Eyes

Good luck to you both, and to the rest of the Trestle authors - good people, one and all.

And, as you can see from the comments below, Paul Brazill's brilliant Drunk on the Moon series has been picked up by Dark Valentine Press.

Hurrah :)


  1. Indeed. A learning curve. The Drunk On the Moon stories are going to be collected in an anthology to be put out by Dark Valentine Press BTW.

  2. Great news, Paul. I'll edit the post, forthwith :)

    Proper chuffed for you, mate. And a hefty step up :)

    All the best, my friend,