Friday, 24 February 2012

ABIDE WITH ME - The Beach Boys, Bookmarks, and Howard Linskey. Blimey.

So, the weather has changed.  Hurrah!  The sun is shining.  For the last couple of days, anyway.  And if that's us seeing the back of winter, wouldn't that be nice?  Can't let that go without posting a link to this little piece of Beach Boys genius.

Back to earth.

A couple of ABIDE WITH ME related pieces of news this week.  An interview I conducted, no lie - in a field - with those nice chaps over at Byker Books can be found here and a competition to win the last remaining pre-publication signed copy of ABIDE WITH ME can be found here.

And a couple of new Amazon reviews have popped up here, which is always nice.

I'm hoping to take delivery of the ABIDE WITH ME bookmarks early next week, ready for the book tour.  Talking of the book tour, I had a really nice chat with the one and only Howard Linskey in the week - his brilliant THE DROP has just been picked up to be developed for national telly over here in the UK.  One for the good guys.  Always like that.  Anyway, Howard gave me some great tips on book signings, such as flagging down every punter that enters the shop and giving them a bookmark or some such freebie.  So more bookmarks I have ordered.  Tonnes of them.  Thousands.  Well, a few hundred, anyway.  The bookmarks measure four foot by one - so flagging the punters down shouldn't be a problem.  Like they say, gotta think big.  I'll post one one the blog soon as they arrive.

So to the Book Tour.  The first signing, at Waterstones, Romford - my home signing, if you like - takes place exactly four weeks tomorrow.  If you fancy a free bookmark, a chat, and the opportunity to take part in keeping me constantly supplied with Purple Yorkies, please do drop by.  Hell, you could even buy a book ;)

Honestly, though, it'd be lovely to see you.

Here's a reminder of the dates for the ABIDE WITH ME Book Tour:

24th March 2012 - Waterstones, Romford 11am
31st March 2012 - Waterstones, Lakeside 11am
14th April 2012 - The Book Shop, Newham 1pm
21st April 2012 - Waterstones, Ilford 11am
28th April 2012 - Waterstones. Walthamstow 11am
5th May 2012 - Waterstones, Basildon 11am

Hopefully, things should start moving a-pace next week.

I'll keep you informed.

Warmest regards, as always,


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