Thursday, 16 February 2012

A bit of a makeover . . .

Good day, all.

Just a quick one.  I know I've done this before, but with the launch of AWM just a few weeks away, time necessitates I begin to focus the blog on my own stuff for a while.  Once things have settled down, I'll be back in the business of promoting all that great writing out there by all those great writers and friends that pop onto this blog every now and then.

I've given the blog a bit of a makeover, and any comments as to how it can be improved will be much appreciated.  I've also got my own domain name.  Yay :)

I'll hopefully be updating the blog about three times a week with news and photos and whatever else comes to hand related to ABIDE WITH ME and, indeed, UNCLE MILDRED.

Hope you understand.

Warmest regards to you all,



  1. Thank you, Fiona. Time to get organised and take the whole thing a bit serious, eh :)


    That you're taking top-notch care of a top-notch author? Well, I consider that rather wise Author Ayris.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate, believing in believers,
    thus . . . in . . . YOU

  3. Thank you, Kate.

    Time to put me business head on. I think I left it under the bed . . . or behind the settee . . . or something. It'll turn up. I guess.

    Goint to be a mad couple of months, my true-friend :)

  4. That explains the dust spots then on your noggin, my true friend. We'll rally for you ... just watch and see. You'll be shakin' that dust off and lettin' it fall back behind the settee, wondering how such *magic* could occur.

    Soft whisper: "It was meant to be".
    ~ A*K

  5. Looking good, Ian. Here's to bestsellerdom!

  6. Thank you, Heath and Michael.

    Been a rocky road, but seems like everything's coming together now. If I could only work out how to get this design for a bookmark off my computer and onto a, well, bookmark . . . The next challenge :)

  7. I wish you all the good luck in the world. AWM is such a good book, you deserve it.