Sunday, 8 January 2012

Over at Death By Killing . . . Absolutely*Kate

The one and only Miss Kate picks her 'Five You Can't Miss' over at DBK.  Apart from some links to some brilliant stories, you just know the commentary is worth the admission price alone . . .

Click here for a gander.

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  1. THE VOICES IN MY HEAD ... are dancin' mighty fine Mr Author Ayris.

    Not sure if it's a splendid foxtrot or torrid tango, but I dare say you've done it again -- given me grinnn, and just for shouting out the obvious in glory on a slew of AT THE BIJOU stories, when we all went RatPacking along?

    Man oh man but you're aces in my book! Grace o'my thanks for pointin' folks in the direction of those authors' great tales, kind sir.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate
    Believing in Believers