Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My brother, Stu . . .

A little bit behind, but he knows how disorganised I am so I'm sure he'll forgive me, here's what my twin brother Stuart has been up to lately:

Stu recently had a story up at Near the Knuckle here and was interviewed by Vic Watson here

He also wrote a book a couple of years back, called 'A Cleansing of Souls' - which he has recently become available on Kindle.  It's very good.  Click here to read an article Stuart has written about why he wrote the book.  And click here for the Amazon UK Kindle link and here for the Amazon US link.

And his current novel,  'Tollesbury Time Forever' - is due to be on Kindle by the end of the week. TTF has it's own blog here where you can learn much more about the Beatles obsessed, schizophrenic, alcoholic, cricket loving hero of the book that is Simon Gregory.  Yep.  It's as original as they come this one.  And brilliant.

And finally, click here for an interview Stu had with the local paper about the inspiration behind TTF.


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