Thursday, 5 January 2012

DIG TWO GRAVES by Eric Beetner - A review

Now, first of all, there doesn't get many finer writers on the crime/noir circuit than Eric Beetner.  Lets get that out the way.  I am a fan.  Whenever I see one of his short stories pop up anywhere on the net, I'm straight there.  So it was with great delight I downloaded his latest novella - DIG TWO GRAVES.

DIG TWO GRAVES is fundamentally a first person confessional narrative telling the tale of Val and his quest for revenge.  The target of Val's revenge is Ernesto, his prison lover, who Val learns has not only snitched on him but also nicked all his plans for the plethora of bank jobs that was going to set him up for the rest of his life.

Val is not a happy bunny.  Not a happy bunny at all.  Various side characters become entangled in Val's blind fury to get to the elusive Ernesto, not least his wife and her sister - thewoman he truly loves.  Hoodlums, wonderfullly drawn, are slaughtered brilliantly, written so well I defy any grown man not to wince at a couple of the takedowns.

And the magnificent Tarrantinoesque finale wil leave you grinning and wincing in equal measure.  Where else would Ernesto be, eh :)

DIG TWO GRAVES, ladies and gentleman is an absolute cracker.  Beetner's belting, whip-cracking prose putting me in mind of George V. Higgins at his very best.  A must read for any crime/noir fan.

And any writers out there who want to learn how to write a novella, just read DIG TWO GRAVES.

That's all you have to do.

Download DIG TWO GRAVES from Amazon US here and from Amazon UK here


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