Friday, 6 January 2012

Dashiell Hammett anyone . . .

Over at Detectives Beyond Borders, Peter Rozovsky on Dashiell Hammett . . .

Click here for a gander.

Fantastic stuff.

PS.  The comments are well worth a read too.


  1. Dashiell Hammett?

    The stuff my rough and tough and smooth and cool heroes are made of? Shadows couldn't hold me back. Grace o'my thanks for the one-up on this one oh Author Ayris.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate,
    lovin' the BigGuns in our craft

  2. Thanks for the mention. I may have to reread "The Glass key" one of these days for some lessons in how to write violence.

  3. A pleasure, Peter. Hammett is one of my faves. Think Chandler just pips him, though. But then there's James M Cain as well. All just so great.