Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Byker Books - the entire catalogue . . .

Those cheeky chappies over at Byker Books - purveyors of top notch Brit Grit, titles including the legendary Radgepacket series - now have their entire back catalogue converted to Kindle.

With each title going for less than a quid, it just makes so much sense to grab as many as you can . . .

The Radgepacket short story collections now number five in total, with Radgepacket vol. 6 due out March 2012.  A showcase for the finest Brit Grit writing today, regular contributors include the likes of Paul D. Brazill, Col Bury, Nigel Bird, Alan Griffiths, Darren Sant, Nick Quantrill, Andy Rivers, and myself - and loads of other great Brit Grit writers.

Apart from the Radgepacket collections, the Byker back catalogue also includes fantastic full length novels from Andy Rivers, Tom Arnold and Danny King.

To have a wander around the Byker Books Amazon shop (UK), click here

For the US Amazon Byker Books experience, with all titles less than a dollar sixty, click here

You know it makes sense :)

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