Wednesday, 2 November 2011

ABIDE WITH ME update 03/11/11

So, it's been an exciting day today.  Ten copies of ABIDE WITH ME have been posted today to the national newspapers with the hope of some positive feedback and to garner some interest.  It's funny, I haven't prepared myself for this part of the journey.  Friends and family looking at the book is one thing, but OUT THERE in the BIG WIDE WORLD, people I don't even know?  I've never felt so exposed

Don't get me wrong, it's really exciting, and I'm realising these next few months are going to fly by, but the extent of the feeling of shit, what have I done? has really talen me by surprise.

Added to it all, the first copy of ABIDE WITH ME has actually been sold.  How did that happen, you may ask?  Well, I've got no idea.  But a certain someone you might know - a gentleman, a scholar, and a brilliant writer by the name of . . .


assures me he bought a copy from Amazon, and it was delivered safely through his little letterbox yesterday.  

All avenues for buying the book have since been shut down until the launch, so that just leaves Eric and his single copy.   I've promised not to divulge his whereabouts, and he's promised not to lend it round - an honourable truce, and a workable one ;-)

First review might well be up by the end of the week from here in Old Blighty, and perhaps a second next week.

Things are defintely moving . . .

Any more news and I'll post it soon as I can.

Look after yourselves everyone.


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