Monday, 14 November 2011

ABIDE WITH ME . . . another Amazon review . . .

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Well, another review for ABIDE WITH ME just posted on Amazon UK.  Chuffed to see the reviewer point out the fact that despite the influence of the crime and football aspects of the book, these do not preclude the book from being enjoyed by both sexes.  
 For me, the family dynamics, the deep personal challenges experienced by each and every character in the book outweigh everything else.
I've even been told it's a bit of a tear-jerker, and I never thought I'd be writing one of them . . . blimey.
Anyway, here's the review:
5.0 out of 5 stars An original literary gem!, 14 Nov 2011
Mrs H  
This review is from: Abide with Me (Paperback)
'Abide With Me' is original, inspiring and compelling. Through the distinctive voice of the main character John, the reader is taken on an emotional journey as he and his best mate Kenny discover the true meaning of friendship. Ian Ayris effectively combines several subject matters including crime, football and complex family dynamics making this book impossible to pin to any specific genre. This gripping tale of two boys becoming men will have you laughing, crying and praying that good will untimately prevail. As a female I can assure you that this page turner of a novel is as captivating for women as it is for men. Although the book contains football references and the main characters are male, the emotions portrayed are universal. 'Abide With Me' is a must read for anyone with a heart and, for a first novel, Ian Ayris has excelled himself with this original literary gem.

Available for pre-order from AMAZON UK (currently running and 23% discount) and  Amazon US

NB. No charge is made by Amazon until the book is officially launched in March 2012.

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