Monday, 24 October 2011

The first review of ABIDE WITH ME . . . coming soon . . .

It's possible the first review of ABIDE WITH ME could be in as early as this week.  There have been many stages of the emotional journey since finishing the book - the contract off from Caffeine Nights, the inevitable editing, the receiving the first copy through the post, and now the imminent first review.

Forgive me if I haven't a clue what to feel.  My head is saying one thing, my heart another.  Funny, everything I wrote in ABIDE WITH ME, all the learning I made my characters go through, all leads up to this one moment - the moment other people read the inside of me and make a judgement.  If I've learnt anything from the characters in ABIDE WITH ME, it's feel the feeling, let it consume you.  Let it be you.  It will not destroy you.  It might be the greatest, most searing pain you have ever experienced, but stick with it, see it out, for it is only by doing this that feeling can be understood, and internalised thereby creating the learning experience.


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  1. I'm sure the reviews will be great.

  2. Cheers, mate. Looks like middle of next week now. That dreaded first review, eh. Got a dozen or so lined up, so I better get used to this. A whole stage of the process that I've not really prepared myself for. All these different stages, and a million miles away from writing the actual book. It's a mad old journey, this publishing lark :)