Saturday, 29 October 2011

OFF THE RECORD . . . coming soon . . .

A little while back, blogger, writer, and reviewer extraordinaire - Luca Veste - put out the call to a group of writers to come up with stories based on song titles.  And, thus was born the fantastic ebook soon to be known as OFF THE RECORD.  With some fantastic names on the list, it's bound to be a cracker.

Click here for details of the track/story listing and gawp at the stunning list of writers.  And somewhere in there is a brand new story from me, called DOWN IN THE TUBE STATION AT MIDNIGHT.

And the best thing, the best thing is all proceeds go to charity.  So when it comes out in a few weeks, dip your hands in your pockets, ladies and gentleman. 

Top stuff for getting this together, Luca.  Fantastic effort, mate.

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