Friday, 14 October 2011

ABIDE WITH ME - Update 14th October 2011 - The First Copy

So here it is.  And I'm still choked.  Sitting on the doormat, I was, holding the book in me hands, not believing I had anything to do with such a beautiful object.

I know you'll all get fed up with me saying this, but it has to be said.  This book wouldn't exist without the help of so many magnificent people.  Your help has been tremendous.  Whether it has been a word or two of encouragement, an astute word here or there, or merely a 'Come on, you bastard, and get the bloody thing finished!'

I've written in the acknowledgements of the book the whole thing feels like a group effort.  And I really believe that.  The whole experience from first word to this moment has been incredibly humbling.

And any that plan to buy or download the book when it is officially launched in the Spring, I hope you enjoy meeting John and Kenny, Mum, Dad, Ronnie Swordfish and the others.

So a final, thank you, all.  For everything.

Warmest regards,



  1. Congratulations, Ian. It's a fantastic book and deserves to do really, really well. I'm delighted for you and proud to call you my mate.

    Enjoy celebrating - even if for now it's just a coffee and some chocolate!

  2. Congrats, man. You deserve it.

  3. Cheers, Jools. Holding the book in me hands, I suddenly see what others have been talking about. Everywhere I randomly open the book I get completely sucked in. It's taken two years for me to believe in this book, but I've finally for there :)

    Thanks, Chad. Means a lot, mate. Been a hell of a journey - in a good way - but now it seems the real journey is only just beginning.

  4. The book looks cracking. Many congrats Ian, your hard work has paid off and it's richly deserved. Hope it sells in bundles, I'm sure it will.

  5. Fan-fuckin'-tastic! From FS to effin brill!

  6. Alan, Julia, and Keith. Thank you so much. Still got to pinch meself it's all real. Going to be a busy next few months promotion-wise, but I'm sure the Spring will come round before I know it.

    Thank you all for your support. Means loads.

    All the best,