Wednesday, 19 October 2011

ABIDE WITH ME - a proposition . . .

Right then.  Okay. Here we go.  A little competition.

Here's the deal.  If we can get seventy five members on this blog, there'll be a draw for a free signed copy of ABIDE WITH ME winging its way to the lucky winner.  So if you know anyone who might be interested, let them know, get them signed up, and Bob's yer Uncle.

As soon as we hit the magic seventy-five, the game is afoot.


Look after yourselves,


PS - Mr Pete Sortwell - if I discover you begin feverishly creating multiple accounts to get your hands on yet another freebie, you will be automatically disqualified ;)


  1. You say that like you think i'd do such a thing, Ian.

    looks like i'll have to drag you over to CTTB for a little chat..

    Free for an interview soon?

  2. Never crossed me mind, Pete . . .

    And as for an interview? Certainly, sir. Will be a pleasure.

    All the best,