Friday, 21 October 2011

A good week . . .

Hi all.

Must say, it's been a pretty productive week.  I've finished reading three excellent books: Nigel Bird's 'SMOKE', Paul D. Brazill's 'BRIT GRIT', and 'COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD' by Steven Porter.  And now I'm getting stuck into 'DERANGED' by Lonni Lees.

Reviews of all these books coming in the near future . . .

On the writing front, I began my first novella Monday - called 'JASON DEAN' - and have now completed the first three chapters, knocking off nearly seven thousand words in the process.

Have to say, when I was first asked to write this novella, by the cheeky chappies at Byker Books, I was a little dubious.  I've written loads of short stories, and a novel, but quickly discovered writing a novella is an art all it's own.  So I put off doing it for a while.  But then, I thought, it's not an art all it's own, it's just another story.  Really is just a matter of prioritising - add a few details here, lose a few there.  So I relaxed, and just started writing.  And it's a lot of fun.  Will be taking a break from it for a week or so as the kids are off from school, but I'm hoping to knock off chapter four tonight while I'm at 'work'.

So have a great weekend, everyone.  And just a reminder, if you want a chance of winning an exclusive free signed copy of my debut novel, ABIDE WITH ME, and haven't signed up to this blog, it just takes a moment.  Just scroll down the right hand side, and click on the 'follow' tab.  When we get to seventy-five members, it's bits of paper and bucket time.

Have a great weekend, all.


I'll be over the Vic watching the Daggers beat the ever-odious Aldershot tomorrow, so wish us luck, eh :)

Warmest regards,



  1. Looking forward to JASON DEAN!

  2. Cheers, mate. Hoping to finish it in about three weeks, then send it off to Byker Books for their yay or nay. If they like it, looking at some time in 2012.

    Then it's onto a million short stories I want to pile together for a few collections next year. Feels like I'm lagging behind my talented compatriots a little on that score, so it'll be good to get the first one out :)