Wednesday, 7 September 2011


'All books scheduled for publication by Caffeine Nights for Autumn Winter 2011 are being rescheduled for Spring 2012. This has been brought about by personal circumstances beyond our control. We will be around as much as possible during this slow down and back stronger than ever and raring to go in what will be our most exciting year, 2012. There will be newsletters going out so sign and be first to receive all of our exciting news.'

So there it is.  These things happen, and as I've said before, books have a life of their own.  For AWM, this is just a part of that journey.

Throughout the next few months there will be copies of ABIDE WITH ME floating around - some available in competitions, others at events, and others that may pop up here and there.  Look out for them as they will be few and far between, and sort of an exclusive item, given the official launch won't be for a few months.

To all the kind people who offered to review the book - copies will be made available to you, probably in the form of an ebook/pdf.  And hard copies will be made available to the competitions already organised.  In both cases I will be in touch shortly.

And Trevor, don't worry mate, you'll get yours first :)

This hiatus also gives me an opportunity to look at different avenues I can go down as far as promoting the book is converned.  I'm going to have a look at the blog, maybe set up a website specifically for the book, and see if I can get the hang of that Twitter thing.

Any further news on AWM over the next few months will go straight on the Facebook page.  For instance, I'm in talks still with The East London Libraries Festival people about my appearance at South Hornchurch Library on 14th October, and hope to have some copies of AWM to bring along.

So not all doom and gloom, my friends.  Just a little break.

Any questions, fire away.

Warmest regards,



  1. That's frustrating for you, Ian. Just remember good things come to those who wait - and all that stuff.

  2. Gives you a bit of a breather to build up more interest. You can do another guest blog for me, then, eh?;)

  3. Sorry to hear this, mate. The main thing is it's still gonna happen, and you have more thinking/writing time. Really looking forward to reading it. If there's anything I can do to assist nearer the time, just gimme a shout.

  4. Shame, Ian but as long as it's going to happen then that's the all important thing. The wait will make the final result all the better I'm sure.

    I read the first chapter yesterday and thought it was a cracking start.


  5. That's a bugger Ian. I feel for you. I hope you can make use of the delay to stir up even more interest. Any chance of getting on Kindle? (if you want to that is)
    Chin up, I'm sure it'll work out.

  6. Michael - wise words, mate. And thanks so much for the offer to review.

    Paul - Guest blog would be great, sir. Thanks, mate. I'll be in contact soon.

    Col - The thinking/writing time is actually a huge bonus. Got loads in the pipeline I wouldn't otherwise have been able to get done. And cheers for the offer, mate. A shout will be coming your way :)

    Alan - Cheers for the kind words, mate. Might be putting the second chapter up some time before the book comes out.

    Keith - Hi Keith. The book will come out on Kindle, I'm assuming at the same time the paperback is out. And it will work out. Sort feels an easier pace now. One I can cope with. Speak to you soon, mate.