Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I mentioned a little while back how astounded I was to be included in the upcoming crime/noir Pulp Fiction based anthology - PULP INK.

And it's out now.

The collection contains twenty-four original short stories from an incredible line-up of pretty sick, pretty brilliant individuals.  If you're familiar with the vibrant online crime/noir scene none of the writers will need any introduction.  If this is your first foray into this particular dark corner of the literary universe, PULP INK is a superb introduction.

If you thought PULP FICTION was original and odd and teetering on the edge of brilliant lunacy, PULP INK will blow you out the water.

You can download it for £1.71 in the UK here and from the US here for $2.99


  1. Treated myself to a Kindle copy first thing this morning, Ian.

    A terrific line-up of writers and terrific value. Looking forward to it and many congrats.

  2. So glad you could be a part of it, Ian. Your a class writer.

  3. Well done mate, I'll dig out some mouldies and have a gander.
    Best to you