Friday, 26 August 2011

ABIDE WITH ME Weekly Update

Hi all.

A few words . . .

Publication seems more likely to be around the first couple of weeks in September, and till then, I've got a three or four interviews and articles going online, plus, about a dozen people who have promised to do pre-publication reviews of ABIDE WITH ME. And on October 11th I'm doing a talk at one of our brilliant local libraries as part of the East London Libraries Festival - I think it entails a book reading and a question and answer session, that sort of thing. Can't wait for that.  It's being billed as 'Explicit Language'.  Fair enough.

Another exciting thing on the horizon is something I can't even mention yet, but blimey, it really is very exciting indeed. Hopefully confirmation of that within the next week or so . . .

Have a great day and a fun weekend, everyone.

With the Mighty Daggers at home to Torquay United tomorrow, it leaves me to say . . .


Look after yourselves,


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