Wednesday, 24 August 2011

ABIDE WITH ME - a bit of blurb

I am aware over the last couple of weeks I've neglected this blog in favour of the Facebook page I have been setting up dedicated to the book.  For those of you not on Facebook, and an equal number that despise it, I am therefore seeking to make ammends by ensuring I keep the blog updated more regularly.  Sorry for the negligence  Got a bit carried away, you know.

Anyway, here's about of a blurb about what the book is about . . .

Two boys growing up in London's East End of the nineteen-seventies. John, from a streetwise and fanatical West Ham supporting family; Kenny, across the street, slow-witted, living in a world of dreams and shadows, beaten by his father, bullied by life.

And one day, Kenny, he just breaks right in half and the two boys are forced apart by a society crumbling around them.

Fourteen years later, after cup finals of joy and personal loss too searing to contemplate, the two boys are reuinited, fronting up local gangster Ronnie Swordfish.

It doesn't start well. And from where John is, laying on the ground, beat half unconcsious with a metal bar, seeing Ronnie lifting up his sword to cut down his childhood friend Kenny, it don't look like it's going to get much better.

But Kenny, he's got other ideas.

He always did.

ABIDE WITH ME is a story of football, community, friendship, hope, and biscuits. Oh, and gangsters.

A tale of two boys walking blind into the darkness of their shattered lives and their struggle to emerge as men.

The book is due for publication late August/early September through Caffeine Nights Publishing.

PS.  If you do want to follow the progress of the book towards publication and beyond, via Facebook, click here

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