Saturday, 11 June 2011

Radgepacket Goes Digital

At last, the fantastic Radgepacket series from Byker Books has finally made it to digital.

If anyone that doesn't know what the Radgepacket books are about, here's what amounts to a mission statement from Ed, head honcho at Byker Books:

We're a group of people from the North East of England who aren't that enthralled by reading the memoirs of someone who was briefly on a crap reality show and, after bitching for some years, actually decided to get off our arses and do something about it. We want to promote writers who are ignored elsewhere, writers who don't fit into rigid 'genres', writers who are new and uncertain, writers who hail from working class backgrounds but most of all, writers who live in the real world and know that it's not fair.

Basically, what you get in the Radgepacket books are stories from the underbelly of modern day England. Disturbing stories, funny stories, odd stories, all from the pens of the dispossessed, the broken, and the mad.  I've been fortunate to have stories published in each of the five Radgepacket so far, and I'm proper proud of it. 

The Radgepacket paperbacks are a fantastic example of the vibrant lunacy spreading the length and breadth of this green and pleasant land.  Mind you, I can guarantee almost none of the stories mention anything green, and certainly nothing pleasant. 

If you want to know what the current take on crime-fiction/noir is from the Old Country, then try a Radgepacket.

So far, volumes one and two, at 86p and 94p respectively can be downloaded straight to Kindle from Amazon, or to that Amazon wotsit thing where you read it off your computer.

Here's the links:

Radgepacket: Tales from the Inner Cities, vol. 1

Radgepacket: Tales from the Inner Cities, vol. 2


  1. 5 4 3 2 1 Got 'em both! yea! kindle rules!

  2. Thanks, Ian! I will definitely pick those up.