Thursday, 16 June 2011

Extract from ABIDE WITH ME

Here's a little extract from the beginning of my debut novel, ABIDE WITH ME.  It's part of the final draft.  If it makes the final cut, it'll be the opening of the book.

Hope you enjoy it.

There's things happen in your life what go clean out your head. They don't mean nothing, see. Most of your life's like that. And there's some things you remember cos they was good and they make you smile even though nothing's ever comin back the same as it was, no matter how hard you wish it. And there's people. Good people. People you won't never see again. People what you loved so much it tears you apart just thinkin of em. It tears you apart cos you know you won't never see that look in their eyes or feel their hand on your shoulder or what it was like just bein with em.

It's all gone, see.  And now there ain't no way you can tell em how much you loved em.

Not fuckin ever.

There's them things. But there's other things what happen, other things you don't never wanna remember, cos they hurt. They hurt too fuckin much. And when you close your eyes it's always them things what come shoutin and screamin and crawlin out the mist in your head.

May 5th Nineteen-seventy-five . . .


  1. I love this passage. Ian writes with honesty, a lot of heart, realism and a truthfulness about life and I am eagerly looking forward to reading 'Abide With Me'.

  2. Love it, mate, powerful stuff, from the heart.

  3. Crackign start, Ian. Looking forward to the rest of it.

  4. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to look at this little bit. The whole book is written in the same vein, so hopefully it'll hang together okay. Feels like a lifetime since I wrote all these words. To think other people will be reading them is still an odd feeling.

  5. Cheers, Ben. Another week gone. Another week closer. Spending me time doing some groundwork and waiting for info on the proofs and the cover. Found another potentially important contact today, so it's all looking good :)

  6. Still reads sharp and crystal. Much said little mentioned. Clear as broken glass. Cuts as deeply.
    Thanks, mate.

  7. Look forward to reading this Ian!

  8. Cheers for taking a peek, AJ and Luca. AJ - you know what your words mean to these trembling fingers. And Luca, thanks for joining up, mate. Love your interviews, by the way :)