Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Watery Grave Invitational

Still a bit stunned to have been invited by the lovely Naomi Johnson to take part in The Watery Grave Invitational.

I mean, look at this list :

Brian S. Roe
Chad Eagleton
Chris LaTray
David Cranmer
Eric Beetner
Ian Ayris
Jane Hammons
Joe Hartlaub
John Kenyon
Liam Jose
Matthew C. Funk
Nigel Bird
Patricia Abbott
Paul D. Brazill
Rosemarie Keenan
Sandra Seamans
Sean Patrick Reardon
Sigmund Werndorf
Todd Mason

I was even more stunned when I learned the theme was 'Horse'.  Fortunately, any permutation - if that's the right word - or allusion to anything equine was suitable.  And this morning, I finished my entry - 'Hard Times - A Charlie Splinters Story'.  Charlie Splinters is the same character I used in my story 'Small Print', published by Christopher Grant at his fantastic 'A Twist of Noir' some time ago.  This is the first time I have used a character twice, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So, that's my hat in the ring.  And jolly good fun it was too.

Good luck to all the other participants, and may the bestest man/woman win :)

Warmest regards,


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