Thursday, 19 May 2011

Purple Yorkies

Now for something a little more serious.

One or two people have questioned the existence of the fabled Purple Yorkie - I'm currently on about eight a week, and can testify to the wholesomeness, the goodness, and their inherent ability to keep me sane when all around the world is crumbling.

Click here for more details.  For those of you here in Old Blighty.  Tescos sell them by the shed-load.

And there endeth today's serious bulletin.

Thank you.


  1. You have mail, mate. Wit de goods on dose purpuraceous orchids of dogdom (long slandered by the appellation, mythical) the fabled purple yorkies. Proof positive, as de lawyer bums say, awaits youse in your emailbox.

  2. Raisin and biscuit. The Devil's own work sir! Give the blue ones any day.